Orthodontic Appliances



Upper Hyrax (Expander)  



Lower Bi-Helix (Expander)  


Brackets, Bands, Archwire, Color Ties 



Bracket Placement 





Closing gaps with Power Chain 



Elastics - Class II Triangle 3 to 4-6 



Elastics - Class II Triangle 3 to 4-5 





Upper Quad Helix (Expander) 


  Facemask and Hyrax


Cervical Pull Headgear  



Removal of Braces 



Retainer - Hawley Upper 



Retainer - Hawley Lower 



Lower Lingual Holding Arch 


Transpalatal Arch (TPA) 






Upper Tongue Crib 



Schwartz Appliance - Upper 



Halterman Appliance 


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