Orthodontic Treatment in Saratoga

You know how important it is to protect your loved one's smile and help them develop good oral hygiene habits. When their teeth become crowded or crooked, it's important to know where to go for help. At Ellenikiotis and Associates Orthodontics, we offer the wide variety of orthodontic treatments you or your child need to enjoy a straight, healthy smile.

We are proud to serve residents of all ages in Saratoga and the surrounding areas. You can trust that we will treat you and your family with genuine kindness and compassion, regardless of their current oral health situation.

Our friendly team is excited to meet you and develop a professional and personal relationship built on trust and quality dental care. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


What Is Orthodontic Treatment?

The goal of orthodontic treatment is to solve the various bite problems that are due to misaligned teeth or jaws. Our orthodontic treatments can carry your little one through the eruption of their adult teeth or address the malocclusion of teens and adults. We make sure to thoroughly examine your or your child's teeth, gums, and jaws before we recommend any treatments. Our team wants to ensure that every solution we recommend provides you with long-term oral health and aesthetic benefits.

  • Phase 1 Orthodontics: Phase 1 orthodontics usually takes place between the ages of 6-9, while your child has a mix of adult teeth and milk teeth. The purpose of these orthodontic treatments is to guide teeth into their optimal position at an early age to prevent worse complications later on. These treatments may involve space maintainers and expanders.
  • Phase 2 Orthodontics: Phase 2 orthodontic treatments are designed to guide adult teeth into their optimal position and finalize any bite adjustments. Since this treatment deals with adult teeth, this category of services becomes available to young people around ages 11-12 years old and is the process for adults who want to straighten their teeth.

Customized Orthodontic Treatments

We are passionate about helping you and your family smile confidently through every stage of life, which is why we provide the services they need throughout the years under one roof. Our team understands that every smile requires a tailored approach to achieve the desired results. We work with you to fully grasp your smile goals and assess your oral health needs to create a custom treatment plan that is optimized for your situation. Some of the orthodontic solutions we offer include:

Invisalign® Clear Aligners: Invisalign braces are a modern treatment that addresses crooked teeth, crowded teeth, and gaps between teeth by applying pressure to gently shift teeth into their optimal position. This method uses special clear plastic trays that are nearly invisible and require no dietary changes since they're easy to remove. We offer Invisalign clear trays to straighten mild to moderate malocclusions in responsible teens and adults.

Traditional Braces: Our orthodontist provides traditional braces to children, teens, and adults who want to straighten their smile. This time-tested technique effectively fixes many orthodontic issues, including severe teeth misalignment and bite issues.

Surgical Orthodontic Treatment: In cases of severe jaw misalignment, we may utilize a combination of traditional orthodontics and surgical methods. Our team understands orthodontic surgery may be intimidating, and we work hard to ensure all your concerns are addressed and you feel confident before proceeding with treatment.

Orthodontic FAQs

We know you and your child will have questions, and our friendly team encourages you to share your thoughts. We are happy to provide the answers and information you need during any step of the process. Here are some of the most common questions we receive.

Do braces hurt?

No. When braces are first set or readjusted during treatment, there may be some tenderness from the pressure. If the pressure persists, our team will work with you to find a solution to alleviate your discomfort.

If your bracket or wire becomes loose or broken, then contact us immediately, and we will schedule an appointment to fix the issue as soon as possible.

There are some dietary restrictions for those with traditional braces or orthodontic appliances. These restrictions include hard foods like jawbreaker candies and nuts, as well as sticky foods like caramel, gum, and toffee.

The treatment timeline will depend on the severity of your malocclusion and the orthodontic solutions needed to align your smile. For mild to moderate bite issues, it's common for treatment time to be between 8-18 months. In the case of severe malocclusion, treatment can last as long as three years. No matter how long your treatment lasts, our team commits to offering innovative and modern orthodontic processes to resolve your issues as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our Reliable Saratoga Orthodontic Treatments

At Ellenikiotis and Associates Orthodontics, we provide the reliable treatments you and your family need to enjoy a straight and beautiful smile. We combine years of experience with modern technology and a gentle chairside manner to safeguard your overall oral health. If you're looking for orthodontic treatment in Saratoga, contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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