I have been in treatment with Dr. Ellenikiotis for the past four years. I underwent a treatment that included spacers, expanders, extraction, and altogether too many rubber bands. The result when I was (finally) finished was absolutely beautiful. Dr. E was incredibly meticulous when it came to fixing my teeth and it definitely paid off well.

Both the Saratoga and Willow Glen offices were very accommodating in setting up my appointments (I moved to the LA area but come up to the Bay Area regularly) and I was always able to come in for any emergency either the day I called in or early the next morning.

The folks who work the front desk are extremely welcoming and pleasant, as well as all of the assistants who work in the offices. They all greet me like an old friend each time I come in for a checkup on my retainers and during my time in treatment they all worked extremely efficiently and made even the most painful of treatment days as easy as possible.

I cannot overstate how pleased I am with the results of my treatment. I recommend this office highly.

Daniela P., San Jose, CA

Dr. E is the best! He not only put braces on my husband as a teenager, but he is now doing the orthodontics for our children. His experience is immeasurable and he is a perfectionist. He takes a lot of time to discuss the treatment plan and my son enjoyed hearing from Dr. E about his growth potential. He has a great staff and a comfortable office. Highly recommend!

Mary R., Los Gatos, CA

I recently got my braces off. I started the process with Dr. E two and a half years ago and I must say I couldn't be happier with the results. I am 27 years old and this was my second time having braces. The orthodontist I had as a child really screwed up and there was nothing I could do but get them again. After meeting with Dr. E and his team, we came up with an aggressive plan to get all of the issues fixed as soon as possible. To elaborate slightly, I had to have teeth removed, had severe crowding, needed my palate expanded, and my back molars pushed forward. That's A LOT of work that needs to be done, but with Dr. E, he did all of it flawlessly and faster than any other orthodontist estimated. As long as you listen to what Dr. E tells you to do (like wear the rubber bands as often as he says), everything will come together perfectly and on time.

The entire team was beyond accommodating with my schedule and made sure to explain every step of the process along the way. Dr. E is a perfectionist and will do whatever he can to make your smile as perfect as possible. The entire staff is an absolute joy and they all made my more than two-year-long experience well worth it. My teeth are perfect now and I am thrilled with the results.

Courtney E., San Jose, CA

Dr. Ellenikiotis completed orthodontics on both of my daughters. They came out beautifully and both truly loved the warm confidence and certainty he showed them on each and every encounter. Some dental work was required for their particular case. The dentist and oral surgeon that he recommended and talked directly to were wonderful. Dr. E found that one of the “caps” were not as perfect as Dr. E thought they should be, so he called the dentist directly and he re capped the tooth, free of charge, and made it absolutely perfect. I had braces as a child myself. Dr. E is a true artist and professional. He'll stay with you until it is perfect, exceeding my expectations. My daughters and I are delighted with his work and professionalism.

Gretchen D., Boulder Creek, CA

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