Surgical Orthodontics

Some of the time, orthodontic treatment alone cannot properly correct one’s bite due to discrepancies in jaw relations and the craniofacial skeleton. If discrepancies are significant, you may require orthodontics and orthographic surgery to correct your bite. 

What is Orthognathic Surgery?

Orthognathic surgery is a surgical procedure completed with an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon to reposition the jaw/s when they do not fit together properly. 

What is the goal of Orthognathic Surgery?

The goal of Orthognathic surgery, in conjunction with orthodontics, is to help move your teeth and jaws into an ideal position that improves facial esthetics and functionality to give you a healthy, stable dental-facial relationship. 

Who is a candidate for Orthognathic Treatment?

If your jaws do not fit together properly, you may be a candidate for Orthognathic Surgery. Any of the below reasons may contribute to this surgical option being considered as a part of your orthodontic treatment plan: 

  • Difficulty chewing, biting, or swallowing
  • Speech problems
  • Open bite
  • Protruding upper jaw
  • Protruding lower jaw
  • Breathing problems

What planning is involved with Orthognathic Surgery?

When Orthognathic Surgery is considered, it is planned in detail by your Orthodontist and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. We use modern computer techniques and three-dimensional imaging to diagnose and treatment plan your case. We will take time to present your treatment options and show you how your case will be approached, and how your bite and facial profile can be improved. 

When we decide on Orthognathic Surgery, what happens next?

Once you've selected your treatment plan, we will spend time straightening your teeth with braces or Invisalign®. When your teeth and bite are in the ideal position for surgery, us and your Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon will plan and schedule your jaw surgery, and review what will happen afterward. Your orthodontic treatment will be completed after your jaws have healed in the correct position.

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